Are you looking to straighten your or your loved one’s smile? Have you recently moved to the Lone Tree, Lakewood, or Glendale, CO area and need someone to care for your ortho needs? If so, then you need to find quality orthodontic care right away.

The trick is finding an orthodontist that you can trust. You want to find someone that’s beloved by their clientele, has great credentials and offers a variety of treatment options for you to choose from.

See below for an in-depth guide on the 5 things that you should be looking for in quality orthodontic care and professional orthodontics.

1. Loyal Customer Base

Just like any other service or product, you can always pinpoint high-quality orthodontic care by the loyalty (and size) of their patients. If their offices are always full of patients in the waiting room, it’s a good sign.

However, you want to go more in-depth than that. You want to make sure that the orthodontic office you attend has a positive reputation with their past and current clientele.

For that reason, we recommend such things as reading their online reviews or reading the customer testimonials on their site. If you want to be thorough, you can perform all three.

When you go to read the reviews, be sure to ask yourself a few questions in the process, such as:

  • Do the previous patients seem satisfied with their orthodontic care?
  • How experienced is the orthodontist? Do the patients rave about each him or her?
  • What treatment options did the patients choose? Were they happy with their choice?
  • Do any patients mention how long they had braces, Invisalign®, etc?

If you’d like to ask more personal and in-depth questions, reach out to the orthodontic office and ask them about their services specifically.

2. Different Methods of Treatment

If you’re looking to transform your smile, then the odds are high that you already have a preferred method of treatment in your head. For example, some of you might prefer the idea of clear aligners over braces.

Others of you might be keeping an open mind. You want to straighten your smile, but you also want to make sure the treatment makes sense for your family budget, lifestyle, timeline.

Here at Willow Creek Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on offering treatment methods that fit each of our patient’s preferences. We use the latest technology, aligners, and braces in the industry to ensure top-performing results.

For example, if you’re looking for a treatment option that’s nearly invisible and doesn’t require the normal restrictions of traditional braces, then Invisalign® is a great option for you. The best part? You can take them out for special occasions and have a picture-ready smile!

Others of you might be interested in braces, but dread the pain and frequent visits that they come with. That’s why we offer Damon Braces. These braces cause less friction between the teeth and produce a quicker turnaround time with less pain and fewer checkups. 

As you can see, finding an orthodontic service with multiple treatment options can help you find the perfect fit for your situation.

3. A Well-Rounded Staff

You know the expression: “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link”. That phrase certainly applies to the way that orthodontic clinics are run. 

Here at Willow Creek Ortho, we take that expression to heart, which is why we’ve constructed friendly and knowledgeable staff at all three of our locations. Our staffs are so closely-knit, that our orthodontist can travel between our 3 different locations and not miss a beat!

You can gauge the strength of the staff with your first visit or phone call. When you ask them questions, do they take the time to answer them? Are they friendly to you and your family? Do they treat their patients and coworkers with respect?

4. Proximity

You want to make sure that the orthodontic clinic you commit to is within proximity to your daily life. If you have to go 45 minutes to an hour out of the way for a checkup, you’ll be less likely to stay consistent.

That’s why we’ve created three physical market locations in Glendale, Lone Tree, and Lakewood. That way, one of our offices is always within reach.

Better yet, our hybrid business model allows for our orthodontist to travel between those three different locations and service all of our patients with the high-quality care that they deserve. 

That gives you the flexibility to either book an appointment as soon as possible at one location or to wait until the next time your orthodontist is back at that location.

5. Are They Family-Friendly?

If you’re going to be entrusting an orthodontic clinic with caring for your child’s smile, you want to make sure that’s reciprocated and appreciated.

There are some ortho clinics out there that don’t do well with families. They prefer to cater to adults and teenagers as a frequent exception. Stay away from them.

Instead, find yourself a clinic that’s interested in seeing the maturity of your child’s smile and giving them a brighter future as a result.

Find Quality Orthodontic Care for Your Family Today

Now that you have seen all the finer qualities to look for when you search for quality orthodontic care, be sure to use them to your advantage. 

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For more inquiries on our services, please be sure to reach out via our contact us page and we look forward to working with you further.