Are you concerned about the state of your teeth? Perhaps you’re interested in exploring orthodontic options like metal braces and clear aligners. Finding the best Lakewood, CO orthodontist can ensure the best possible results.

Their experience and expertise will help you achieve a stunning, straight smile. Improving the appearance of your smile can reduce the risk of oral health issues. Beyond that, your self-confidence will soar!

There are now over 11,932 orthodontic practices and 83,000 professionals employed in the industry. Before choosing an orthodontist in Lakewood, CO, it helps to have a plan.

Here are eight tips that can help you narrow down your options.

With these tips for choosing an orthodontist, you can feel confident in your final choice. Then, you can start treatment and begin improving your smile.

Smile wide! Start searching for the best orthodontist in town with these tips today.

1. Talk to Friends

The easiest way to start your search is to speak with people you already know and trust. Talk to your inner circle and gather referrals. Have any of them requested Lakewood braces or Invisalign® treatment in the past few years?

If so, ask them which Lakewood, CO orthodontist they visited for treatment. Then, ask them questions about their interactions with their orthodontist.

For example, you might want to ask about the orthodontist’s bedside manner. Were they soothing and easy to talk to? Make sure the orthodontist was knowledgeable and able to ask questions, too.

Speaking with friends and family members could help you gather information that’s not available online. Their experiences could help you make a more informed choice.

Ask each friend you speak with if they encountered any issues with their orthodontist, too. If so, how did the practice find a solution?

If your friends can’t help you find a quality orthodontist in Lakewood, CO, that’s okay. You’ll know which practices to avoid. Instead, use a Google search to create a list of options.

Then, use these tips for choosing an orthodontist from that list. 

2. Consider Their Credentials

Before choosing an orthodontist, it’s important to make sure they have the proper credentials to offer treatment. First, make sure they’re licensed to practice. If their license is out-of-date, scratch them from the list.

Visit each orthodontist’s profile. Check their website for an “About Us” page as well. Then, learn more about their education.

Make sure each orthodontist on your list graduated from an accredited institution. 

You might feel more comfortable choosing an orthodontist that graduated a few decades ago. These professionals likely have more hands-on experience treating patients.

However, you might want to confirm that they’ve continued learning over the years. Professionals who continue their education remain up-to-date regarding procedures and techniques.

You might feel more comfortable choosing someone with up-to-date knowledge and innovative services.

3. Determine Level of Experience

As you learn more about each Lakewood, CO orthodontist, determine how long they’ve practiced, too. After all, people learn by doing. Consider how long each orthodontist has worked in the industry.

Learn more about the practice as well. How long has the practice operated?

Consider looking for a long-established business. These orthodontic teams know how to work efficiently. They’ve likely earned the respect of patients in Lakewood, too.

Consider what type of orthodontic treatment you’re interested in as well.

For example, would you prefer Lakewood Invisalign® treatment over traditional metal braces? Determine how long each orthodontist has offered specific services. How many patients have they helped over the years?

If you’re the first patient requesting clear aligners, look for a different orthodontist. Make sure their experience is relevant to your treatment needs.

These orthodontists will have an easier time offering the care you need.

4. Check Out Their Services

It’s also important to confirm that each orthodontist in Lakewood, CO offers the services you’re looking for. Visit each orthodontist’s website. Then, consider what type of orthodontic treatment suits your needs.

When people think of orthodontics, they usually imagine traditional metal braces. About 20% of people with braces are adults. Traditional metal braces are only one option, though.

For example, you might consider clear aligners or clear ceramic braces instead.

You can schedule a consultation appointment to determine which orthodontic treatment suits your goals.

5. Pinpoint Their Location

While you’re online, determine where each orthodontic practice is located. Try to find a practice near your home or work. If there’s an emergency regarding your treatment, you won’t have to worry about the drive.

Take the time to determine each practice’s hours of operations, too. Some practices offer flexible or extended hours.

You might find their hours are more convenient based on your unique schedule. 

6. Schedule a Consultation

Try to schedule a consultation with more than one Lakewood, CO orthodontist. Discuss your concerns and oral health needs. What treatment option would they recommend?

During the consultation appointment, pay attention to how the orthodontist speaks. Are they able to put you at ease?

Do they sound knowledgeable? If they struggle to answer your questions, consider choosing someone else.

Look around the practice, too. Is it clean and organized? Is the staff warm and inviting?

If you don’t feel comfortable around the orthodontist or their practice, remove them from your list.

7. Read Reviews

Remember, you can always learn more from people who were once in your position. Visit each orthodontist’s listing. Check their Google My Business profile, too.

Read a handful of reviews for each orthodontist on your list.

Try to find an orthodontist who has already won the respect of other locals. You’ll have peace of mind choosing a professional that other patients already trust. 

8. Compare Insurance and Pricing

Once you start narrowing down your options, discuss pricing. Gather more than one quote from orthodontists in town. 

Ask if they accept your insurance, too. If they don’t fall within your plan, ask if they offer a payment plan instead.

Then, review your notes to make an informed decision before beginning treatment. 

Start Searching: 8 Tips for Finding the Best Lakewood, CO Orthodontist

Finding a great Lakewood, CO orthodontist doesn’t have to feel like a hassle. Instead, use these tips for choosing an orthodontist you can trust with your treatment. Using these tips, you can feel confident in your final choice.

Once you complete your treatment, you can start showing off your new, stunning smile.

Eager to transform your smile? We can’t wait to help.

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