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The Willow Creek Ortho team is passionate about helping people improve their smile. We believe it is never too late. Let us help you find joy in your smile – you deserve it.

Dr. Amanda Shaffner-Vanderstelt


As an orthodontic specialist, Dr. Shaffner-Vanderstelt considers herself an architect of smiles. Positioning each tooth in harmony to stand the test of a lifetime while maintaining their appearance is her passion. At Willow Creek Orthodontics, comfort and experience is paramount. Dr. Shaffner-Vanderstelt believes quality orthodontic care should be accessible and manageable for every individual young or old no matter how minor or how complex their bite problems may be. Investing in the latest in technology, the best in materials and extensive continued education is her commitment to excellence and to her patients who deserve the best.


Orthodontic Assistant

A Colorado native, Kaylee is loved by every single patient that comes into contact with her. She seems quiet at first, but don’t let that fool you. She has some of the most unique funny faces years in the making. She has developed quite the passion for orthodontics mostly because of how much she gets to be a part of the life-changing impact it has on her patient’s confidence. Careful what you tell her though, she has a mind like a steel trap.



Practice Manager/Treatment Coordinator

Melissa is anything but boring. Born & raised in Alaska with the moose and the bears, she set out to the deep south until the Colorado mountains and sunshine called her to Denver. Melissa is an expert conversationalist with an insatiable curiosity and would describe herself as a teeth-loving, jibberish-speaking lip-sync performance expert. You may find yourself sharing your life story during an orthodontic consult with Melissa. Whatever it is that you share, you can bet she’ll listen. Understanding your needs and ensuring your happiness is her mission as your orthodontic tour guide.

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