Do images of metal wires and brackets keep you from pursuing orthodontic treatment? Enjoying the benefits of straight teeth used to require traditional metal braces. Clear aligner options for braces has made orthodontic treatments convenient and more affordable.

The North American clear aligner market reached $1.4 billion in size last year. That number will grow considerably each year. If you are curious how you can enjoy beautiful teeth without the need for metal braces, read on to learn about Invisalign® clear aligners.

Orthodontic Treatment Options

Are you seeking the benefits of orthodontic treatment at Lone Tree Orthodontics or another of our locations? You have two basic options: braces and clear aligners.

Patients should know what their options are for teeth straightening. Here are four orthodontic treatment options.

Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are very effective, but they are not cosmetically pleasing to look at. Your orthodontist will attach metal brackets to the front of each tooth.

Depending on what type of braces you have, your orthodontist may need to place hooks, coils, separators, and archwires. Metal braces require frequent tightening, and the treatment timeline can last years. For many of these reasons listed above, patients are increasingly seeking alternative treatment options.

Damon Braces

Your orthodontist uses a special dental cement to attach tiny brackets to your teeth. Our office offers special clear brackets that are nearly invisible.

Your orthodontist will place brackets. Then, your orthodontist will place a thin band through the brackets to pull teeth into better alignment.

Damon Braces are a great option for many of our patients in Glendale, Lone Tree, and Lakewood. Teenagers and adults of all ages also have a discreet new option for teeth straightening — Invisalign® clear aligners.

Invisalign® Clear Aligners

Your Lakewood Invisalign® clear aligners will be made with comfort and effectiveness in mind. While the technology behind Invisalign® is complicated, the basic idea is simple.

A series of clear trays gently nudge teeth into better alignment using micromovements. Each successive tray is more straight than the previous one. Patients can notice differences in their teeth’s appearance within several weeks after starting treatment.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are less noticeable than traditional metal braces. Patients do not have to worry about having clunky, metal brackets attached to their teeth.

Instead, a ceramic material that matches the color and luster of your enamel will be used. While ceramic braces are a more discreet alternative to metal braces, the material can become stained.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces offer the effectiveness of traditional braces without the need of applying attachments to the front of your teeth. The attachments are placed behind the teeth. This is a great option for adults who need traditional orthodontics but do not want visible braces.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an alternative to treatments that require attachments and wires, then you are probably a great candidate for clear aligners. Here are the top benefits of undergoing orthodontic treatment using Invisalign®.

Benefits of Invisalign® Clear Aligners

Invisalign aligners are called “clear” for a reason. Freckled teenagers may look cute in braces.

Many adults understandably prefer more discreet options. While the removable clear braces are in, few people if any will be able to notice that you have the trays in.

Beyond being incredibly discreet, here are several benefits of undergoing clear aligner treatment.

No Metal Bands

One of the biggest complaints patients have about traditional metal braces is the need for attachments. Metal bands, rubber bands, and brackets can break, which requires potentially costly repairs. The attachments also make metal braces difficult to clean.

Clear aligners are easy to clean. Brushing your teeth does not need special tools. Simply remove the aligners and brush and floss as normal.

Remove Trays When Needed

Removing metal braces isn’t an option until your treatment is completed. Clear aligners can easily be removed before mealtime, group pictures, or an important speech.

Clear braces need to be worn for at least 22 hours a day. That still leaves plenty of time to take a brief pause from your treatment for whatever reason you need.

No Wire Tightenings

One undesirable part of undergoing traditional orthodontics is periodic wire tightening. Wires made of metal or other materials are used to pull brackets into better alignment.

The days following the tightening sessions can leave your teeth feeling sore and achy. Clear aligners do not require wire tightenings.

No Need for Long Treatment Durations

Orthodontic treatments can sometimes last for years. Clear aligners are fabricated to move teeth efficiently so that treatment timelines can as few as several months. You will know the length of your treatment timeline early on.

Wearing your aligners for 22 hours a day will ensure that everything goes to plan. Shorter treatment timelines mean that you are able to enjoy the benefits of a beautiful new smile even sooner.

No Dietary Restrictions

Do you love crunchy foods or sticky candy? You may have to say goodbye to those fun foods while undergoing treatment with traditional orthodontics. Sugary foods can become trapped in and around metal braces attachments while hard foods can break brackets off.

There are no dietary restrictions associated with Invisalign® trays. Although, your Lakewood CO orthodontist recommends cutting excessive sugar consumption. Simply brush your teeth as normal and be sure to brush before placing your trays at night.

Braces or Clear Aligners, What’s Better for Me?

Your orthodontist Lakewood CO can answer all your questions about options for braces. For most patients, traditional braces and clear aligners are both great options. The real questions come down to personal preferences.

If you have significant teeth alignment issues, traditional braces may be a better bet. For most of our patients in Glendale, Lone Tree, and Lakewood, traditional braces and clear aligners are great options. This is one reason why we are proud to offer both Damon Braces and the most trusted name in the clear aligner market — Invisalign®.

Find the Right Orthodontic Treatment for You

Undergoing orthodontic treatment can be an exciting time. Our esteemed architect of smiles, Dr. Vanderstelt, will help guide you to the right orthodontic options for braces to meet your cosmetic and personal needs.

At Willow Creek Orthodontics, we believe that a beautiful smile should be accessible to anyone — no matter what their age or teeth alignment issues. That is why we have heavily invested in the latest dental technology. To schedule your orthodontic consultation, contact our office today.