Did you know that 65% of people will need to have braces at some point in their life?

Seeing an orthodontist is about more than just having a great smile. It can have a huge impact on your health, and your confidence. But how can you choose the right one? 

Before you start Googling ‘best orthodontist near me’ there are some key questions to bear in mind. Our 6 questions will help you to choose the best orthodontist for your family.

Read on for our guide to choosing the best orthodontist in Lakewood, CO.

1. Will I See an Experienced, Well-Qualified Orthodontist?

All orthodontists are dentists, but not all dentists are orthodontists.

Orthodontists are trained in general dentistry, but then they specialize in orthodontics. This means that they have a deep understanding of how the bite works. They are trained to correct issues and help you to have a healthy bite. 

Some bite issues are relatively easy to correct, and may only require a course of braces. Other problems are more complex. Either way, you want to be sure that you have an expert on your side. 

All dentists will have the DMD designation. This stands for Doctor of Medical Dentistry.

With an orthodontist, you want to look out for the DMD MSD title. This means that additionally, they have received a Master of Science in Dentistry. This is a higher level of education, which allows them to specialize in treating jaw alignment issues. 

Don’t be shy to ask your orthodontist about their experience. He or she will be happy to share their professional history and any additional qualifications or training undertaken.

This may include training in cutting-edge treatments such as Invisalign®. This extra training shows that you’re working with a professional who cares about staying ahead of the curve.  

2. Do They Treat the Whole Family?

Some orthodontists specialize in treating children and teenagers only. While the teen years are the most common time to get braces, an increasing number of adults are seeking orthodontic treatments. 

If this describes your situation, look for a full-service orthodontist. You will save yourself a lot of time and effort if you choose an orthodontist that treats adults as well as children.

It will also help you to make sure that your children get the treatment they need from an early age. The AAO (American Association of Orthodontists) recommends children first visit the orthodontist at the age of 7

Taking your child to see an orthodontist at this age can be very beneficial. The orthodontist can detect any issues early, and advise if treatment is necessary. This may help to avoid more extensive treatment when your child gets older. 

3. Do They Use the Latest Imaging Technology?

Dental technology is moving on all the time. This allows orthodontists to create more accurate images of your teeth. 

One of the most important questions to ask an orthodontist is what kinds of technology they use that set them apart from the crowd.

Ask them whether they use the iTero® Digital Impression System. 

This system, from the makers of Invisalign®, allows your orthodontist to create a 3D image of your teeth in just a couple of minutes. There’s no need to use traditional impressions. Digital imaging is comfortable and accurate.

One of the bonuses of this system is that it allows you to see how your new smile will look. The outcome simulator shows the new position of your teeth after you have completed your Invisalign® treatment. 

4. Do They Offer the Latest Treatment Options?

Does the word orthodontics make you think of unattractive metal braces? This is a tough treatment, whatever your age! They can be particularly trying for teenagers.

Thankfully, there are other options now available that are much less obtrusive. Look for a Lakewood, CO orthodontist that provides Invisalign® and Damon™Smile treatment options.

Invisalign® Treatments

Invisalign® are the original and best clear braces.

With Invisalign®, you don’t need to worry about what you need. Simply remove your clear aligners for eating and cleaning.

Don’t want them to show up in a selfie? You can simply pop them out for a moment!

They’re a very popular choice for all ages because they are easy to use and practically invisible. They are suitable for treating a wide range of alignment issues. The best orthodontist for your family should definitely offer this outstanding treatment!

Damon™Smile Treatment

The Damon™Smile treatment is another great option that is much less visible than traditional braces. 

The end result is a wider, more attractive smile. The process is more comfortable and actually benefits your oral health. They do not use elastic ties, so do not attract plaque and bacteria to your teeth. 

Any orthodontist offering these two treatments is at the cutting edge of orthodontics. Make sure you ask about these two treatment options when finding the best Lakewood, CO orthodontist for you.

5. What Is Their Reputation?

Patient testimonials and recommendations are invaluable in choosing a top orthodontist.

Many orthodontists include patient reviews on their websites. You can also research online to review testimonials left on review websites. A top orthodontist will have a long list of satisfied customers waiting to sing their praises!

6. Can I Meet the Team?

You want to see a top orthodontist, but they never work alone. There is a whole team of orthodontic assistants, patient coordinators, and a practice manager. They all have an impact on your experience.

Take a little time to review their website and meet the team. This will give you a sense of how much they value patient care. If there is a committed, friendly team in place, you know that everyone in the family is going to have a good experience. 

Choose the Best Orthodontist in Lakewood, CO

If you follow our guide on how to choose an orthodontist, you’ll be sure to find the best orthodontist in Lakewood, CO.

Remember, that’s an orthodontist who is well qualified and experienced. One who keeps up to date with the latest technologies and treatments. And one who has a host of satisfied clients!

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