Orthodontics of all kinds is a crucial part of a lot of oral health for a lot of people. There are all kinds of options and ways you can get a straighter smile, one of the most popular being clear braces. These allow you to get the benefits of traditional braces while remaining more discrete for daily life. 

The key to having the most success with your orthodontics is finding the best Lakewood Invisalign® provider to help you through the process. A true professional will be able to work with your specific jaw and teeth to get you the exact smile you’re looking for!

When you’re on the hunt for the best Invisalign provider in Lakewood (or wherever you live!) follow these tips to know what to look for and ask about! 

1. Certification, Experience, and Expertise 

The most obvious thing you should look for in any orthodontic provider is that they have the proper training. In order to be in business, they’ll obviously have gone through their formal schooling education but it’s important to check and see if they have the necessary credentials for specific procedures or techniques. 

Those providers who offer clear aligners should have a thorough understanding of how they work, what adjustments need to be made to customize the results, and how to problem solve as issues come up. 

The best way to know if your provider has that knowledge is if they have Invisalign® certification, this way you know they’ve worked through and understand the necessary training materials. 

2. Updated Technology 

Even though a healthcare provider has finished their education and is cleared to start practicing, it doesn’t mean they should stop learning and learning new techniques. It’s actually quite the opposite! 

You want to find a provider who is using the most advanced technology for their clear aligner patients. 

As the techniques and appliances evolve, the results become better and better. That means using the newest advances will help you get the smile you’re looking for in a more efficient way, saving you time and money in the long run. 

3. Open Schedule 

Everyone knows how important getting a check-up from the dentist at least twice a year for optimal oral health. This is a pretty easy schedule to stick to and doesn’t often cause problems with your daily routine. 

Having braces of any kind, including clear retainers, means that you’ll be in the office much more frequently than your regular check-up schedule. It’s likely that you’ll need to come in as often as every six weeks, maybe slightly longer periods in-between depending on your specific situation. 

Trying to schedule so many appointments can become a hassle if the office you’re visiting doesn’t have a very open schedule. Check with the scheduling department to see what the possibilities of getting your ideal time on a regular basis would be.

4. Payment Options  

Not only is getting clear aligners a time investment for your life, but it’s also a financial one as well. As you’re searching for Invisalign in Lakewood, it’s a good idea to get more information about their payment options and the overall estimated cost. 

Generally, there will be a portion of the cost that can be covered by insurance. That will vary depending on which provider you and the specific plan you’re on, but the office should be able to help you figure that out. From there you’ll want to know what’s excepted and when so you can plan your finances around those due dates. 

5. Treatment Plan

There are so many reasons for crooked teeth and every mouth is completely different. This is why no orthodontist or clear braces provider should use the exact same treatment plan on every patient. 

When you have a consultation with the potential provider, make sure they have all of your medical and dental histories. They should also know your expectations and any problems you need to be resolved. This will help you and them determine if they have a treatment plan that will help you get the smile you’re looking for. 

6. Ability to Answer Questions and Listen

As you’re talking about all of this information with the prospective provider, pay close attention to how well they respond and if you feel like your personalities are meshing well. 

This process takes a lot of care from the provider, so you want someone who you know is willing to listen to your questions and concerns. You want them to not only listen but also to act on them and make course corrections if necessary. There will be a lot of time spent together, so it’s important that you feel confident with them. 

Remember, that you are in charge of who you work with. So if it’s not the right fit keep on looking until you find the right one (we’ll be the right one, promise!). 

7. Read Online Customer Reviews 

Even after all of this research, it can be hard to know if you’ve made the right choice or not. There’s nothing that replaces actually working with someone to see if it’s going to work or not. But reading customer reviews online is the next best thing. 

These true-life descriptions of interactions will help you gauge how well the provider works with customers and the typical results found with their methods. It’s a great way to get an insider’s look at what your experience might be like! 

Finding the Best Lakewood Invisalign® Provider

Deciding to get braces is an exciting time, the anticipation of a new, straighter smile is thrilling! Nothing would be worse than going through the entire process only to be disappointed by what you see in the mirror. 

Avoid that possibility by working with the best Lakewood Invisalign® provider. We’ll make sure that your smile turns out just how you want it and get it done as quickly as possible. Our trained, professional staff have the expertise to help you navigate the process and create the most successful treatment plan for your mouth. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our office or setting up a consultation, contact us today!