Confidence is a key factor in happiness and self-esteem in life, and it reflects in many areas of your life. One thing that can affect many people’s confidence is a set of crooked teeth. Most people don’t know how to straighten teeth, so they spend years dealing with the shame that comes with it.

There are very many ways in which you can have your teeth shaped to their right positions. If you’re looking for the perfect smile, keep reading this guide on why and how to straighten teeth.

Why You Should Straighten Your Teeth

Many people think that the only pro that comes with straightening teeth is a beautiful smile. This is so far from the truth. Having straight teeth benefits you in different ways than looking more appealing.

Here are some of the benefits you gain from having straight teeth:

  • Your smile will look better
  • It can make your teeth easier to clean
  • Oral hygiene improves significantly, including gum health
  • Bad overbites and crooked teeth can lead to uneven wear, which may result in TMJ (temporomandibular joint) and headache complications
  • Straight teeth reduce the risk of tooth injury as protruding and crowded teeth are easily damaged in an accident.
  • Saves you money because they’re lower chances of developing dental problems
  • Makes it easier to chew your food well
  • Boost your self-esteem and confidence

Learning how to straighten teeth can yield you plenty of positive benefits for the future.

Practical Tips on How to Straighten Teeth

There are many alternatives when it comes to teeth straightening. The best way to determine which one is best for you is by visiting the orthodontist.

However, understanding the available methods before the consultation will help you make an informed decision. Check out some of these popular methods used to straighten teeth.


If your teeth are just slightly crooked or you’re having what’s referred to as limited overcrowding, you may be able to solve your dental problem with this method. Retainers come in two packages: the fixed retainers and the removable sets.

Fixed retainers, like bonded lingual retainers, are attached to the internal surface of the teeth using dental cement. They prevent shifting and improves a patient’s bite and is a great method for how to straighten teeth. Although a fixed retainer is a great long term solution, you can’t remove them for relief.

Removable retainers, such as Hawley retainers, serve the same purpose. Patients can remove them when they’re attending ceremonies.


Gadgets, such as Herbst appliance, straighten teeth by correcting jaw flaws. The device allows the lower jaw to grow in a forward direction, which helps in correcting the bite. As a result, the upper and the lower jaw meet, which is what is needed to straighten teeth.

Patients only need to wear this appliance for a year, during which the orthodontist gradually shifts the lower jaw to its normal position. This is a great selection on how to straighten teeth for people looking for a shorter-term commitment.

Headgear is another device that’s used for teeth straightening. If your baby, for instance, has protruding teeth this may cause an overbite. The problem can be corrected with headgear, which puts pressure against the baby’s upper teeth and jaw and moves them to the correct position. A patient using Headgear only needs to wear it for a few hours every day to see changes.

Palatal Expanders

In some cases, a child’s mouth can be too small to fit all the future adult teeth. To help this issue, the orthodontist inserts a palatal expander, which widens the arch of their upper teeth. This procedure creates space for the teeth to move into their correct positions.

The expander is fixed to the upper molars with the dental cement. The orthodontist also uses a special key to turn a screw in the center, which ensures there is equal pressure on the right and left halves of the upper jaw. As a result, a bond grows between the two halves, increasing the width of the mouth, allowing the teeth to shift into position.


This is one of the trending methods for straightening teeth. Every patient receives a customized set of aligners. After a few weeks, the tray slowly shifts the teeth in the direction prescribed by the orthodontist or dentist.

Although they serve the same purpose as traditional braces, their feel and look are different. Invisalign® aligners are made of clear plastic that easily fits around the patient’s teeth and can be switched for new ones every two weeks until they get the desired results.

Cosmetic Contouring

If your teeth are misaligned but not crooked, reshaping or cosmetic contouring might be the best choice for you in regards to how to straighten teeth. The procedure only requires one visit and may take as little as 30 minutes.

During this time, the dentist alters the length and shape of the stubborn teeth. Sometimes, the position of the teeth is also altered for a more appealing look. The dentist uses a laser or sanding drill to sculpt the teeth by removing the enamel carefully. As the enamel is removed, the desired shape of the teeth is achieved and teeth are smoothed and polished.

Metal Braces

When the question on how to straighten teeth pops up, getting traditional braces is one of the most popular answers. Braces consist of four parts: ligature elastic, bonding material, brackets, and an archwire. The four units exert pressure on the teeth in a particular direction. After a while, the teeth settle in the right positions.

Metal braces have wires and metal brackets that are visible. They are, however, cheaper than other methods of straightening teeth. Patients can wear a brace for up to two years, but again, this depends on the dentist’s prescription.

Looking to Get the Perfect Smile?

Dental health is very important because it can affect how you feel about yourself. Most people have dreams of having the perfect smile and learning how to straight teeth is one of the best ways of achieving their goal.

This might seem like an out of reach reality for you now but it is absolutely possible. For help with correcting your smile and overall dental hygiene, feel free to contact us today.