Did you know that around 9 out of 10 people have teeth that are misaligned? Crowded or misaligned teeth are some of the most common dental problems and they can cause many to be self-conscious about their smiles. Luckily, with modern dentistry, there are plenty of options for teeth straightening from a Lakewood, CO orthodontist near you. 

The most common options include traditional Lakewood braces and Lakewood Invisalign®, but how can you know which option is best for you and your teeth? You’ve clicked on the right article to find out. Here, we’ll explore what you need to take into account when getting braces or clear aligners and the difference between the different teeth straightening options. 

To start off, let’s take a closer look at why you might need braces or clear aligners and why they’re important for a healthy smile. 

Why You Might Need Aligners From a Lakewood, CO Orthodontist

One of the main reasons someone might need aligners is because of misaligned teeth. However, aligners may also be helpful if you have a bite irregularity such as an overbite or an underbite.

Tooth misalignment comes in many forms. For example, your teeth might be crowded too close together, overlapping, gapped, or aligned in other ways that are not straight. You might think that misaligned teeth are not too big of a deal.

After all, their main impact is visual, isn’t it? However, this is not true in all cases. For some whose teeth are seriously misaligned, they can have trouble speaking, chewing, and properly flossing or brushing their teeth. The latter troubles can get more serious since not being able to clean your teeth the right way can lead to issues such as cavities, tooth decay, and gingivitis. 

Problems with jaw alignment can produce similar issues. However, jaw misalignments can also be associated with head and jaw pain. 

Often, if your teeth are not very crooked as a child, you might never have braces to fix them. However, teeth continue to move around in your mouth throughout your life and can often become more crooked in adulthood. In other cases, they may straighten out. 

Consulting with an orthodontist, Lakewood, CO, is a good way to tell if you need aligners or not. By getting aligners, you can achieve not only a more attractive smile but a healthier smile. But are braces or clear aligners the right choice for you?

What Are Traditional Braces?

Braces have long treated crooked teeth and while they work very well, they may not be right for everyone. Traditional braces are of nontoxic metal or ceramic and the process of getting them put on may take around two hours. These braces should not be painful, but they may be uncomfortable as your teeth adjust to them. 

Before having the braces put on, your dentist will clean your teeth. This will ensure that no bacteria or food will get trapped under your braces and cause tooth decay. Then, your Lone Tree Orthodontics dentist will glue the brackets onto your teeth followed by the bands which attach to the brackets and pull your teeth into place. 

During the first few days after getting braces, you may feel some pain. To ease this pain, try eating softer foods like yogurt. However, keep in mind that with traditional braces, you need to be especially careful when eating food.

You also need to be very attentive to your dental hygiene. This is because food can easily get stuck behind your braces. If you do not clean your teeth and braces as you should, tooth decay can set in fast.

Even if tooth decay does not occur, if you do not clean your teeth regularly, you may find that your braces have left stains on your teeth once they are taken off. While the benefits of braces include affordability and straight teeth, they are clearly not without their downsides. 

What Are Invisalign® Aligners?

If you’ve heard of Invisalign® aligners before, you’ve probably asked yourself, “Is Invisalign® worth it compared to traditional braces?” After reading this article, you will find that Invisalign® aligners have their own unique benefits compared to braces. 

One of the first Invisalign® benefits includes the invisibility of these aligners. Many people may feel self-conscious about their crooked teeth and putting metal braces over top of them might only bring more attention to them. Clear aligners, on the other hand, are invisible and can only be noticed up close. 

This can give an extra boost of confidence to those who might already be self-conscious about their teeth. Another huge benefit is that these clear aligners are removable. This is unlike traditional braces which can only be removed by a dentist and with special tools. 

With Invisalign® aligners, you can remove them whenever you feel like it, such as before you eat. It is important to remember, however, that you should keep them in your mouth for the majority of the day if you want them to produce the desired results. Wearing your clear aligners off and on will make straightening your teeth a very long, if not impossible, process.

Because they are removable, you don’t have to worry about the clear aligners staining your teeth or about food getting stuck behind them. The only downside is that they can be more expensive than traditional braces. 

Choosing Between Braces or Clear Aligners 

By the end of this article, you should know all about the difference between traditional braces and clear aligners. With this information, you can pick the right choice for you from your Lakewood, CO orthodontist.

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